Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tequila

Are you one of many tens of millions of followers that make the frozen margarita the most well-liked cocktail on the earth? Nicely then, aren’t you even slightly curious in regards to the factor that makes the frozen margarita recipe so, nicely, intoxicating? TEQUILA!

The Origins of Tequila
Tequila occurs to be the oldest distilled drink and the primary commercially produced alcohol in North America. Its early ancestor, referred to as pulque, was a vitamin-rich brew made by the pre-Hispanic natives. It was then distilled within the early 1520s by the Conquistadors from Spain. It took on numerous types and names, akin to mescal brandy, agave wine, mescal tequila, and at last tequila.

Opposite to common perception, the liquor on the coronary heart of your favourite frozen margarita recipe doesn’t come from a cactus. It’s made out of distilled sap taken from hearts of the agave plant, which is definitely associated to the lily and amaryllis.

There are 136 species of agave in México, however solely the blue agave, agave tequilana Weber azul, is allowed to be used in tequila manufacturing. For a lot of centuries, and persevering with at present, many of the whole world’s provide of tequila comes from a 100 mile radius of a metropolis within the Mexican state of Jalisco referred to as…Tequila!

How Tequila is Made
As we speak, 300 million blue agave crops are planted, tended to, and harvested by hand. When the Eight-10 12 months previous crops have reached their peak ripeness, the leaves are stripped off and solely the center or “piña” is used to make tequila. They’re minimize up, roasted (to show the starches within the cores to sugar) after which shredded and pressed for juice.

The juice is positioned into fermentation tanks, the place yeast is added. Juice shall be fermented for 30 to 48 hours, after which distilled two and even 3 times in both customary copper stills or the extra fashionable stainless-steel stills. The result’s a product that captures the aroma of the agave and, on the similar time, tastes as pure as potential. Every piña makes roughly Eight bottles of tequila, and the alcohol content material could also be between 70 and 110 proof.

Varieties of Tequila
If a bottle of tequila doesn’t state on the label that it’s manufactured from 100% blue agave (no sugars added), then, by default, that tequlia is a mixto. Tequila mixto is roughly 51% blue agave. It isn’t a real, genuine tequila.

There are four common classes of the true tequila. Some are extra acceptable for the favored frozen margarita recipe; others are higher loved straight up.

1. Blanco (White) or Silver – 100% agave tequila that is bottled instantly after the distillation course of, not aged or handled with components. That is the standard tequila that is clear, clear and has the scent and taste of the blue agave. It is sturdy and usually drunk in a “caballito,” a shot glass.

2. Oro or Gold – Tequila that has aged for about two months in oak barrels and is slightly bit gold in coloration. There’s one other type of gold or Oro tequila that is been mellowed and coloured by flavorings akin to caramel.

three. Reposado or Rested – Blanco tequila that has been aged in white oak barrels referred to as “pipones” for a interval between two months and a 12 months. Though you’ll be able to nonetheless style the blue agave, the pale Reposado is milder and smoother. It is getting increasingly common, so the costs of this tequila have been going up.

four. Añejo or Aged – 100% agave, aged tequila that has been saved in oak a minimum of one 12 months. It is mainly Blanco tequila that’s amber in coloration and has a particular style from the oak casks. Reserva is a particular Añejo that sure distillers preserve in oak casks for as much as Eight years. The “further añejo´or “extremely aged” is aged for at least three years. Reserva is taken into account to be the very best tequila obtainable. It has a easy and complicated style. In fact, it is also the most costly tequila!

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