Teacup Persian Kittens – Setting the Record Straight

You could be asking…What’s a Teacup Persian Kitten??

Completely different breeders of Persian Teacup cats and kittens have totally different descriptive phrases to point the smaller strains they work inside their cattery.

In an try to teach you about these pint measurement pixie Persians I’ve devoted this web page to make clear precisely what Tea Cup Persian cats are and why they’ve obtained the “teacup” terminology through the years.

First, let me make clear…. “Teacup Persians” is a descriptive time period, not a measurement class. So please, don’t purchase into false commercials or unrealistic measurement expectations of what the kitty will appear like full grown.

Many Persian breeders will use the phrase “teacup” as a advertising and marketing ploy to land a sale when in actuality the ONLY coloration class that has actually earned the “Teacup Title” is the silver and golden Persian household.

I discovered this out the onerous approach years again once I purchased myself a Blue Eyed White “Teacup Persian”. He grew to a whopping 15 lbs and needed to be positioned in a pet house as a result of he was far too giant to breed to any of my cats. I actually have been breeding White Persians for over 20 years I ought to have identified higher however bought caught up within the thought he can be tiny, because the breeder said.

If somebody is claiming to have white Teacup Persians, Himalayan Teacups or bi-color teacups you may financial institution on the very fact they don’t seem to be a reliable place to ship your cash.

So bear in mind….teacups Persians should show SILVER OR GOLDEN on their physique to be categorised as a teacup Persian.

Simply to be crystal clear, I’m not saying that a silver with white or golden with white usually are not small they secret’s silver or golden MUST be visually current on the cat to categorise as a “Teacup Cat”.

FACT: There may be NO SUCH THING as a teacup Himalayan!!!

Whereas no breeder can assure the grownup measurement of any coloration you may relaxation assured in case you are buying a silver or gold you might be throughout the smallest general physique buildings a cat can carry.

I discover that golden Persians are normally smaller than silvers not by a lot however some.

Common measurement Persians and Himalayans are normally fairly giant, cobby and muscular.

Common sized feminine Persians or Himalayans steadiness out round 7-9 lbs.

Common sized male Persians or Himalayans steadiness out round Eight-12 lbs.

The Silver and golden Persians are simply naturally smaller cats however by no means are they grouped or categorized right into a “breed or measurement class” merely referred to as the smallest and most petite of the Persian feline household.

Silver and golden Persians normally produce females APPROXIMATELY Four-6 lbs and males APPROXIMATELY 6-7 lbs.

This isn’t a precise measurement chart however merely a suggestion to maintain within the forefront of your thoughts when contemplating a “Teacup Persian”.

The general bone construction of the Silver and Golden Persian is normally extra diminutive than your common sized Persians or Himalayans…to not say that you simply can’t get an occasional small framed Persian or Himalayan from different coloration classes occasionally it is simply the silver and golden’s are extra identified for constantly producing these small framed Persians.

The Teacup Persians are each bit as wholesome, loveable and inelegant because the common sized Persians they only have a smaller construct.

The Tea Cup Persians (at the least those produced right here at our cattery ) are purebred and never in any approach crossed with one other breed to realize their naturally small cobby physique form/measurement.

Teacup Persians are normally greater in value, not a lot as a result of they’re smaller in measurement however as a result of their coat colours are that of the costlier designer classes.

The Silver and golden Persians have lengthy since been identified for and known as the “Royals Royce” of the Persian world subsequently try to be anticipating extra elaborate value tags when looking for a teacup Persian kitten.

Teacup Persians have a reasonably small coloration choice to select from: Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Golden Chinchilla, Blue Silver Chinchilla.

ULTRA RARE Designer Tea Cup Colours: Blue Chinchilla Golden, Silver & White, Golden & White and Blue Chinchilla & White, Pink Shell Cameo, Cream Shell Cameo.

Please Notice: As a result of Silvers & Goldens (Teacups) are smaller and extra delicate they need to NEVER be allowed to depart the breeder’s house till they’re at the least 12 weeks of age!!

All moral cat breeders implement this adoption age restrict on all teacup Persian kittens.

FYI – ALL Silvers and Goldens are born VERY darkish then lighten with age. They may have achieved their true coat and eye coloration by the point they’re 2 years previous. I do hope I’ve clarified the “Teacup Persian Cats ” and their naturally smaller sizes on this web page.

“Begin with honesty to construct belief”….that’s our philosophy.

So please take note in case you are on the lookout for a smaller kitty, you’ll most certainly need a silver or golden Persian. Nonetheless, you will need to bear in mind….they’re NOT “miniature cats” they’re merely identified for being probably the most petite and small framed.

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